Thursday, February 21, 2013

What kindtree means to me and has done for me

I have met so many different people with autism through kindtree since the guy my mom was with did karaoke for them back in 2005 even becoming really good friends with a few of them i love being around those with autism more then anyone else because i can relate to them being an autist myself we don't put each other down for how we do things we except each other for the way we are we understand what each other deals with because of our Autism i love how kindtree puts autism out their for people to recognize and learn so they can better understand and treat us the way we should be treated and so they can see what we can do and that we are just as human as anyone else i also love how they do different events for those with autism and there friends and family members they give us with autism a place to go and be our self and to be around others with out feeling self (sp) contions or embarrassed of how we are we feel wanted and needed and don't shyed away by others etc.