Sunday, September 2, 2012

The ASD Cafe

I was out to dinner with some friends and owing to their various handicaps I assisted with getting their orders filled. friend Martha, recovering from ankle surgery, thought I'd make a good waitress. 

"With my Aspergers and poor social skills? I doubt it. I would last precisely five minutes until someone complained and I would tell them to f- off." I don't react well to difficult customers. Then I wondered. What would a restaurant full of autistics be like?

In one corner there would be a table of  people not uttering a word. In the other would be a table of people all talking loudly, at once. The staff  would mostly stand around staring into space while the cook obsessively cleaned the grill. One of the waiters never writes anything down because he can remember everyone's order- from the last three weeks., while the waitress has a full blown melt down about every ten minutes over the slightest mistake. 
It certainly would be a new dining experience.