Monday, August 13, 2012

Some Insights to Look Into About ASD.

By Alisa McLaughlin

I present for your reading pleasure and education ( not to mention a good dose of congratulating) several links on the subject near and dear to you gentle reader. It makes for fascinating reading.

First up is the problem of employment or rather where the autistic is an improvement on the average applicant.
"When asked why an employer should hire an autistic person in the first place, Sonne says that their assets are obvious. 'People with Asperger's can concentrate better. They are more precise,' he says."

Autistics are also making the world a better place.
"More than two decades later, the socio-cultural landscape surrounding autism has shifted. The rising acceptance of neurodiversity has represented a seminal cultural adjustment in the early parts of the 21st century."

 In unsurprising news is the discovery that autistics are wired differently.
" 'This review highlights that autism should not only be seen as a condition with behavioural difficulties, but should also be associated with particular skill,' said Dr Christine Ecker from the Institute of Psychiatry at Kings College, London."

Creativity and eccentricity are common in artists. It plays a big role with ASD folks as well.  Science have caught up with the obvious.
"creativity and eccentricity often go hand in hand, and researchers now believe that both traits may be a result of how the brain filters incoming information. "

 Genius has its downside and a lot of it has to do with genetic evolution.

"The same evolutionary mechanisms that may have gifted our species with amazing cognitive abilities have also made us more susceptible to psychiatric disorders such as autism."

The more the autism spectrum is studied, the more we realize that it's not a weird, rare thing but merely a commonplace change in humanity. We are the new normal.