Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sensory processing disorder

Here is an article about sensory processing disorder Autist tend to have sensory processing problem and some are more affected then others and not just Autist can have it but people with other disability's can get it or even those without a disability can have it maybe even just a person with a learning problem can have it and not have any other disability. A lot of times a person has trouble learning and there brain has a harder time taking in info there brain doesn't process info as well there brain tends to be like a traffic jam same with Autist and so on well example if your in a big meeting with lots of people and your trying to understand what everyone is saying but can't because there are to many talking that can be frustrating well imagine your brain like that you go to school and your teacher is teaching something but you can't make sense of it because your brains wiring is a traffic jam the whirring doesn't fire right or imagine going to a place with lots of noise your ears hurt from the noise because your brain isn't giving right singles or to much single its just so frustrating for those.

Well here is an article on how we can be able to better notice this in are child and how it can be diagnosed and so on just click below.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

In and Out of My World By: Lorna Wynn

In and Out of My World
By: Lorna Wynn

She was once a little girl in her own little world
A lot she was dealing with, but never was she feeling with
She was there but, often time’s didn’t care
She appeared normally, but her emotions were twisted up abnormally.
In her room she would be in worlds only she could see.
In her security bubble, she would cuddle.
She remembers feeling some, but mainly felt numb.
She was a girl that held in.
She felt she could never begin.
To others she could never trust but she thought she must.
People she thought she could approve of but often thought herself disapproved of.
As her adulthood progressed she had feelings she began to express.
With her wings she could spread above, as though she were a dove.
Now more with Jesus she could walk and someone with whom she could talk.
In this world she knows she will morn but in Gods eyes she is reborn.
With God she will grow strong as she loves her life long.
To others she is learning to love as God helps her from above
She is ready everyday to bear the cross
And to be lost she doesn’t have to be
This is I…In my own world, but with God I learn about his world.