Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A couple years ago I adopted a dog (named Kiddo) and wanted to share how much he has helped me. I thought maybe sharing could inspire someone else.
My dog Kiddo pretty much gave me a life, and vice versa- I gave him a life (was out of time at the pound). He opened my world to be able to do a lot of things that I previously had been to afraid to do or didn't want to do because of anxiety or being lonely. These days I can now go to all kinds of parks and go exploring to different places... I am not alone so I feel safer and in good company. I overcame my fear of driving on fast country roads too, because of Kiddo. This means I can drive to other towns now, when before I simply would NOT. I have gotten to see SO so many wonderful places in Oregon since I adopted Kiddo. And I think that going for drives in the country is one of my favorite things to do. We also go for bike rides and go swimming. Before I adopted him I would never go to a restraunt without a person with me, I know it sounds silly but maybe it was because I was anxious or nervous. When I first adopted Kiddo I would sit at outdoor tables at cafes with him and eat and have a nice time. Now when I come to a restraunt that doesn't have outdoor seating I can go inside and sit alone and be ok with that. I guess you could say he has given me more confidence.  I used to always avoid crossing the street at a crosswalk at a busy intersection because I was nervous about people looking at me. But with Kiddo I didn't mind as much walking across the street. Maybe because all the attention wouldn't be on just me. All these changes happened the first month I had him. After adopting Kiddo I guess I realized all the things I had missed out on. I love that boy so much. I feel we are kindered spirits. There are so many personality traits of his that I see in myself. Kind of like he is my son.